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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of cooperation

  • We sign a long-term cooperation agreement
  • Tractor units are planned by our transport department
  • We pay for each kilometre (loaded, empty) according to the M&G program
  • Reimbursement of motorway toll
  • Invoicing once per month - payment date 45 days from receiving the invoice with complete CRM by Raben Transport (shorter time when applying discounts - in the following slides)
  • After the first month of cooperation, there is a possibility of refuelling Diesel oil at internal petrol stations
  • Locations of petrol stations: Gądki, Stryków, Grodzisk Maz, Gliwice
  • Fuel settlement through netting of the subcontractor's invoice.

Advantages for the subcontractor:

  • Shorter payment dates - on the 20th of each month when applying a 1.5% discount on the monthly invoice
  • Simplified process of monitoring liabilities
  • Increased competitiveness thanks to the possibility of offering longer payment dates to subcontractors
  • Access to short-term financing without the necessity to offer additional securities to banks
  • Improved financial liquidity of the company
  • Reducing costs related to management of liabilities
  • No additional costs related to taking a loan (e.g. for processing a loan application and other bank fees)
  • No securities offered to banks
  • No risk of refusing a loan due to low creditworthiness
  • Improved balance structure – crucial for financial institutions

Additional RABEN REQUIREMENTS concerning the vehicles of the subcontractor who provides transport services for Raben:


  • Pneumatic suspension (II axle tractor units, all axles for BDF vehicles)
  • Exhaust emission standard Euro 3 – Euro 5 confirmed by a certificate
  • Maximum age - 5 years
  • Cab colour - white
  • Fifth wheel height:
    • 110 cm – standard tractor unit
    • 950 cm – tractor unit suitable for Mega trailers
  • BDF vehicle suitable for C715 and C745 type swap bodies
    • adjustable system of fasteners
    • the height in drive position at the level of truck fasteners when unloaded at 1100 and 1300 mm
    • ADR equipment:
      • shovel
      • CE nitrile gloves
      • CE protective glasses
      • CE eye flusher
      • safety vest
      • safety flashlight
      • CE climax half face mask
      • a1b1e1k1p1 multigas filter
      • sewer covers (magnetic sheets)
      • warning lamp - 2 pcs
      • ABC extinguisher 2x6kg
      • sorbent 5l
    • straps - 13 pcs (12m length, attested or certified)
    • safety corners - 26 pcs (arms length 190mmx140mm Width: 150mm )
    • Anti-slip mats - 33 pcs( 400mmx250mm / 8 mm )
    • 2 load protecting beams for tarp trailers
    • Broom
    • Ladder
    • Set of basic tools
    • Snow chains for drive wheels
    • OBU Toll Collect
    • Certificate of suitability for food product transport issued by Sanitary Inspectorate (sanitary inspection record book )
    • Cleaning and disinfection record book
    • ADR equipment
    • Maximum age - 6 years
    • Refrigerating unit (applicable to refrigerated trucks)
    • Valid ATP and FRC certificates (applicable to refrigerated trucks)
    • Calibrated Thermograph (applicable to refrigerated trucks)
    • Load securing rod
    • Certificate for tarp trailers: EN 12642XL, VDI 2700, DC 9,5



Adrian Ziułkowski
Leader of the Contract Fleet Team
+48 667 652 549

Joanna Stelmaszyk
Contract Fleet Specialist
+48 667 652 491

Paulina Cieplińska
Younger Contract Fleet Specialist
+48 661 987 284