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Currency adjustment CAF

Currency adjustment CAF

From the beginning of its existence Raben Polska Sp. z o.o. company has been offering you services of international transport. Ensuring highest standard of rendered services and reacting flexibly to the market’s needs are our priorities.

Due to strengthening of Polish zloty to European rates in the last years we introduced a minimal exchange rate for financial settlements with our Customers which was a sufficient solution for slight fluctuations in exchange rates. At the moment, however, due to a significant difference between the agreed minimal rate and current exchange rates we offer you a solution which is more adequate to the situation, based on automatic calculation of the Currency Adjustment Factor (CAF) according to a certain procedure which allows a prompt reaction in respect of changes of exchange rate independent of the logistics operator.

Long time maintaining of strenghtening Polish zloty (PLZ) against foreign currencies (appreciation effect) resulted already in considrable lowering of profitability of rendering international freight services. This situation pushed most of operators to introduce currency adjustment factor that avert from that effect. Our rates for Customers are reflected in foreign currencies particularly in euro (€), while the costs of rendering these services are incurred in Polish zlotys (PLN).

Currency Adjustment consists in modification of Base price rates on the basis of Currency Adjustment Factor (CAF) expressed in percentages.